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Laservall’s laser marking is able to provide the best laser technology solution for your application, from FIBER laser to DPSS, UV, Green and CO2, powered by the latestest software platform and hardware controller.


With the increasing popularity of Fiber lasers in recent years, Datalogic invested aggressively in this technology, and now we can offer a complete range of proprietary fiber laser sources. Moreover, when selecting a laser marker it is important to choose the best technology for the application and material that meets the requirements for speed, quality and budget.


Our product portfolio provides users the ability to select the perfect technology to provide the best results through a single software platform with flexible controller and integration I/o options.


No other manufacturer is so vertically integrated on Fiber technology (Pulsed and MOPA), Solid State technology (IR, GREEN & UV) software and hardware controllers, scanning heads and marking system design!