AREX series

Compact, high performance scanning head

Built-in embedded controller

Ethernet, RS-232, 4 x USB ports

Dedicated I/O for photocells and encoders

IP54 Scanning Head

Precise dual laser aiming beams system

4-axis embedded controller

arex spec

UniQ™ All-In-One

Ultra-compact Fiber Laser Marker

UniQ™ is the first ultra-compact “ALL-IN-ONE” laser marking system based on fiber laser technology. Thanks to compact dimensions, the rugged IP54 grade housing, the complete absence of an external controller and fiber optic delivery cable, UniQ™ laser markers are really unique.


With 15W of optical laser power, the UniQ™ laser marker offers flexibility in marking on a wide spectrum of materials. The ultra-compact design and the high efficiency, low noise, cooling system allows for easy integration even in tight spaces and complex environments. UniQ™ laser markers are powered by the latest version of Ligher, Datalogic’s laser marking software suite, and offer maximum customer ease of use and great flexibility in system integration.

Features & Benefits

High reliability Full Fiber Laser Technology

Ultra compact, ``ALL-IN-ONE`` design: No external controller or power supply needed

Rugged IP54 rated housing

Compatible with market standard M39 and M85 f-theta lens

Datalogic's Standard I/O interface

No fiber delivery constrains, no fiber length or bending radius limitations