Micro Laser Soldering System

Micro Laser Soldering System – MLS series

Laservall’s MLS series provides the excellent throughputs with high accuracy.


The system is designed for ease of use and equiped with latest green & clean technology by using a non-contact laser soldering with flux-free solderball.

Features & Benefits

Fast solder ball placement rate up to 4 balls per second

Delivers the yield rate above 99% and solder control accuracy ±5 µm

Rapid system implementation - less than 2 months

Flexibility in micro area soldering - choice of solder ball from 50 µm to 800 µm


Camera Module soldering - OIS, AF and more

Voice Coil Motor (VCM) soldering

Heat Sensitive Components soldering

Hard Disc Drive (HDD) HGA level soldering

mls benefits