PCB Laser Cutting System

PCB Laser Cutting System – LVC 3000 series

The LVC-3000 series combines the advantages of a compact machine with high performance.


As with the LVC-3000 series, you benefit from simple operation, small space requirements, fast and easy installation. In addition, with an independent vision and laser cutting operation, LVC-3000 provides high UPH and opens new growth opportunities.

Features & Benefits

Enhance the tact time via optimization in cutting route

Great accuracy in Vision Aligntment (image & shape matching): ±15 µm

Seamless data backup coverage

Dual stage work areas to maximize the productivity


PCB cutting

PCB micro engraving and marking

PCB drilling

Hard Disc Drive (HDD) HGA level soldering

LVC 3000 U
lvc-3000 system front view
cutting machine 2
cutting benefit