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LASERVALL is a manufacturer and global supplier of laser sources and systems used in marking, engraving, soldering cutting and plastic-welding. As a smart laser solutions providr we offer high level services & technologies in variety equipment and systems based on FIBER, DPSS, GREEN, UV and CO2 lasers.

Laservall, partner of Datalogic, services the automotive, electronics, logistics, packaging and medical industries. Our ‘state-of-the-art” tech nologies are the result of a restless desire to improve the way things are done.

Whatever your requirements related to laser solutions, our innovative tech nology and valuable service will deliver you with the most cost effective solutions.

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DATALOGIC’s core specialties are Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation fro the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and healthcare industries.

As a total solutions provider, Datalogic has got a long history of creating innovative bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems that meet the ever-changing demands of industry.

Whatever industry you operate in, we can help you make automation seamless.